10 Unique Tips And Tricks To Build A Big Chest.

Getting a bigger chest is in the mind of every lifter, but the key to consistently building mass, width, density and definition lies both in mastering the basics and using unique tips and tricks to train this unique group of muscles. These tricks are guaranteed to take your chest development to the next level.

1. Do more negatives. The pecs respond extremely well to eccentric only lifting (the downward motion of the movement). The slower the movement on this phase, the more TUT (time under tension) the muscle will endure, meaning more growth.

You’ll need a training partner for heavy negatives, but lighter negatives can be achieved by going as slow as possible, making it even harder for yourself.

2. Use drop sets. Drop sets are another method of training that the chest responds exceptionally well to and must be a part of your routine. By hitting failure, you have activated particular muscle fibers to the point of absolute exhaustion for that weight. But by dropping the weight immediately after failure, you can actively use more muscle fibers that would otherwise be unfatigued. Thus a drop set activates deeper stubborn muscle fibers causing extra growth that wouldn’t necessarily be hit by the more traditional set performed to failure.


3. Focus on defining the upper chest. Because the upper chest accounts for most chest definition, focusing here gives the illusion of a more ripped torso. The best way to develop a thick and toned upper chest is through incline dumbbell presses. This movement activates the upper chest more so than the barbell equivalent, especially since definition is key here.

4. Don’t bother with machines and cable flys. Stick to compound movements wherever possible. Compound movements releases more free testosterone into the body which is better for growth and building muscle mass.



5. Stretch. Stretching allows more blood to enter the muscles at the end of the workout, increasing essential nutrients to flow and aiding amino acid uptake. Take BCAAs immediately after working out to benefit from this. Loaded stretching, also known as ‘fascial stretching’ is another great way to finish off a tough chest workout. Use light weights as you lay on a bench to stretch the chest and open up the chest fascia. A tight muscle is a small muscle.

6. Vary the reps with extreme methods. Use extremely high reps and incredibly low reps from one week to another before returning to standard hypertrophy training.

7. Try to incorporate dynamic movements into your chest workout by training with Kettle bells. Kettle bells offer a unique way to workout and place strain in areas of the muscle that aren’t hit in tradition weight lifting. The swinging motions also allow you to use more weight.



8. Don’t shun bodyweight exercises. Dips and press-ups are the king of chest builders. If you’re strong enough to do more than 10 dips, use a weight belt and hit failure at 10. Most of us can press up for minutes, so it’s best to do press ups as a superset or even better, use a partner to stack plates on your back for a push up. Push ups remain king of chest exercises, but as soon as we’re strong enough we start using a bench. They build striations in the chest better than any other exercise, and create the best incisions in the shoulder muscles because of the vast muscle recruitment involved.

9. Get stronger. Train heavy, and train to get stronger. Use tried and tested methods to get stronger (5*5 routine) before returning to a hypertrophy routine. Many people who go through strength routines find that size comes quickly as a by-product.

10. Use Chains and resistance Bands. Chains and bands are a great way to really create a perfect growth environment, it’s something the body just can’t get used too, after all, when would the body ever encounter something that gets heavier the higher it’s lifted?

By using bands or chains the weight is lighter at the bottom of the movement where we’re weakest and then gets heavier towards the top of the lift where we’re strongest. This mechanical advantage has the same effect as a drop set, but the effect is replicated during every set.


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