Beef Up Triceps – Tried And Tested Methods For Sheer Bulk.

Triceps training can sometimes seem like the best and easiest thing in the gym. There’s nothing most guys like more than hitting the triceps on a pulldown after a chest session.

To build huge triceps, you’ve got to master the basics and go back to the classic compound tricep moves. This is the best way to add some serious mass to the triceps.

Too many people are content with rope and bar pulldowns but neglect other movements that target tricep heads from a new angle. Here’s our list of the best tricep exercises to shock them into getting bigger.

The workout: 


Close grip bench/smith machine press

The close grip bench press allows you to take on more weight than more conventional tricep exercises. Ensure that you don’t make the common mistake of placing your hands together, this is just going to damage your wrists. Keep them 2-3 hands apart as you grip the bar. This is a classic muscle building tricep workout proven to add size but is often neglected due to it being performed at the end of a chest workout.

Lee Priest and his iconic tricep incision.

Lee Priest and his iconic tricep incision.

Overhead dumbbell extension

The tricep pulldown seems to be the go to exercise for most gym goers intent on building huge arms, however, many fail to realize that the stress placed on the triceps with an overhead extension is higher than a pulldown because the tricep muscle is stretched when it’s above the head.

Alternate between using a dumbbell and cables. By using cables you can change to a rope or a bar, placing emphasis on the inner and outer heads. By using a dumbbell yobu can handle more weight.

Tricep dips and bench dips 

Tricep dips are another killer exercise that we don’t do enough of. The tricep dip is done with stricter form than a regular dip by just making sure you squeeze your arms tightly into your sides, making sure you stay upright and is performed using completely parallel bars (many gyms now have modern grips that tail of slightly, working your shoulders and chest more. Again, this is another exercise that allows for more poundage, putting the triceps under more strain. If you struggle to handle your own body weight you can either use an assited machine or do bench dips.

When doing bench dips, keep your butt close to the bench as much as possible. Make sure the bench is high enough for the elbows to be at 90 degrees. Keep your arms just smaller than shoulder width and you’ll really feel them start to burn.


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