How To Enjoy The Holidays Without The Worry Of Weight Gain – Written By Matt Ferro and Madison Schnarr

How to enjoy the holidays without the worry of weight gain

The never ending question, how can I avoid weight gain during the holidays?? The holidays are filled with fun family gatherings, vacations, and of course, endless amounts of food. Sometimes it can be rather hard to not over indulge in Christmas dinner and all of the desserts that follow. As delicious as all of that food is, it does come at a price. It can be very easy to pack on an extra 5, 10, 15 or 20 pounds over the holidays before you even know it! Luckily, there are a quite a few things you can do that will allow you to still enjoy your holiday feasting while keeping the fat storage to a minimum. Better yet, none of these things will require avoiding all those holiday foods or over exercising. It is much easier for your body to gain weight than it is to lose weight it so why not try to avoid it to the best you possibly can? Here are a few helpful tips that will help you maintain your physique during the holidays!

1) Plan your meal for your personal satisfaction:

* If you want to enjoy the main course without dessert than eat all your proteins first, followed by fats and then a lot of veggies. The protein will fill you up leaving you less interested in carbs, the fat will keep you full and the veggies will take up even more space in your stomach.

* If your eyes are set on dessert still eat a good amount of meat for protein and veggies but avoid the fats and carbs at dinner. Carbs do lead to fat gain because they suppress your fat metabolism. This makes it easier for dietary fats to be stored as fat inside your body. Remember carbs directly turn to fat if your glycogen stores are over saturated which likely won’t happen unless you are continually over consuming carbs.

* If you want to have a few social drinks eat more protein! When you drink alcohol it does not get converted into fat inside your body, however it can disrupt your body’s ability to burn fat and it will also inhibit protein synthesis.

2) Only eat protein before your main meal – Protein will fill you up which will leave you less likely to crave carbs or fatty foods. Some of the better options will include turkey, ham, quinoa, lentils or beans.

3) Fiber! Snacking on high fiber foods like veggies and legumes will keep you fuller longer and keep you from reaching for those tempting desserts.

4) Give yourself time before having a second plate – Allow your body some time to register how full you are. It actually takes the brain 20 minutes to get the message that you have eaten so waiting will stop you from overeating.

5) Chew your food and eat slowly – This will also give your body more time to register fullness and stop you from overeating.

6) Drink lots of water – Have a glass of water before each meal as this will take up room in your stomach ultimately making you eat less.

7) Train hard – Use those calories to build some serious muscle! Go for an intense weight training session of a big muscle group such as legs or back before your big meal. This will increase your metabolic rate for around 24 hours after!

9) Proper Portions – During the holidays our eyes tend to get bigger than our stomachs and so it is very easy to overeat beyond the point at which you are full. By properly choosing correct portion sizes you will get to enjoy all of your favourite foods and ensure that you are not over eating. Choosing a smaller plate will also limit the amount of food you can eat in a serving.

10) Don’t arrive hungry – Try having a healthy and nutritious meal before going to any holiday festivities. This will keep you satisfied and full and not as tempted to reach for any bowls of chips or chocolate.

11) Tupperware –  Allowing your guest to take home leftovers will limit the amount you keep at home and thus minimizing the ability to overeat on holiday meals the following days

12) Enjoy the holidays – Just remember this time only comes once a year! Do not let fears of over eating stop you from having fun. Follow the tips provided and eat smart, you are allowed to enjoy yourself!

While making it to the gym during the holidays can sometimes be quite tough, that doesn’t mean you should throw your workouts out altogether. There are plenty of quick and efficient home workouts that can be done in minimal time that will both help you stay on track with your training as well as utilize those holiday calories. Here are a few simple movements that can be combined at home to create your own mini circuit that doesn’t require much equipment and is very time efficient:

  • Push ups
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Pullups
  • Plank
  • Burpees
  • Hip Bridge
  • Close Grip Push Up
  • Back Extension
  • Bear Crawl
  • Dips
  • Step Ups

With so many exercises to choose from, it is very easy to still get in a quick and effective workout from home that will help aid in minimizing that added weight gain that comes with the holidays. Be sure to follow these tips to help keep you on track and still enjoy your holidays!

Written by Matt Ferro and Madison Schnarr

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