10 Foods that Lower Testosterone

There are countless foods that lower testosterone and knowing which ones they are is priceless information that can help you avoid them and increase testosterone, naturally.

Increased consumption of alcohol along with high stress levels are the biggest known killer of testosterone in men. However, low t-levels are also down to what we eat that can cause high levels of estrogen.

There are a ton of foods that lower testosterone and just knowing how to identify them can help you avoid bad habits in day to day life and increase testosterone naturally.

Eating these types of foods raises the level of fast releasing glucose in the blood and increased estrogen levels leading to fatigue, tiredness and a lower sexual desire and more importantly, less muscle gain!

Here’s our list of the top foods that lower testosterone:

1. Soda and fizzy drinks

No surprise here.

High sugar content and quick release calories. Often around 40g of sugar per can. It’s this massive spike in insulin levels, followed by a sudden drop that cause havoc with your t-levels.

Studies have also proved that soda contributes to coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and has been linked to strokes in some people.


2. Fast Food

Generally, most fast food is going to turn your testosterone levels to sh*t. But two types of fast food do so far worse than others: burgers and hotdogs.

Often composed of low grade meat, consisting mostly of filler and chemical preservatives, it’s the primary reason they are in the category of foods that lower testosterone.

Such low grade meat causes tissue inflammation giving people that ‘balloon’ look and causes your hormone levels to fluctuate dramatically as a response.

Fast food lowers testosterone

3. French Fries

Another best seller among the foods that lower testosterone, french Fries. These are loaded with trans fat (a type of saturated fat) that are known for leaving you feeling bloated.

It’s not the only thing fries are good at, the fats fries are cooked in are actually proven to lower sperm quality and destroy your testosterone-levels along with your sex life. It’s the main reason they’re on this list.

A better option is to go for sweet potato fries. Lower releasing carbs and help maintain blood sugar levels in the long run.


4. Alcohol

Proven to give you the testosterone levels of a 10 year old after 5 pints. But really, this is a serious issue.

Alcohol is the fastest t-killer on the list.

Alcohol can lower Testosterone.

5. Ice Cream

Loaded with sugar and sweeteners which can often cause migraines and fatigue.

Frozen yogurt is a far better choice and is actually good for your digestive system.


6. Pasta

If you had to think of Foods that lower testosterone, pasta probably wouldn’t be on your list. Of course, pasta is not a ‘bad’ food, but eating excessive amounts of white pasta just gets converted into glucose and often stored as fat, higher levels of fat means lower levels of test. It’s really only a good idea to eat white pasta as the first meal after a workout and for the rest of the day or if you want to carb load, it’s far better to go with whole grain rice or whole grain pasta.


7. Snacks

Snacks are a big culprit on the list of foods the lower testosterone. Most cheap snacks instantly raise blood sugar levels with artificially produced sugars and causes major highs and major lows in insulin levels that affect concentration and more importantly, testosterone levels.

Try healthy snacks instead, like raw nuts (high in protein and calories), dark chocolate (rich in antioxidants) and raw vegetables and fruit (great release carbs).

Nuts are also rich in fatty acids (healthy fats that we need to boost testosterone).

8. Milk

Milk contains a sugar called lactose, which has been shown to increase insulin resistance and there is evidence that it can reduce testosterone.  However, some bodybuilders insist it’s for baby cows and not humans, whilst others rely on it as a calorie booster for shakes, and that’s a pretty common thing to do. None the less, there’s a reason it’s on the list of foods that lower testosterone… so everything in moderation.

Milk can lower Testosterone.

9. Greasy Foods.

These foods cause dramatic shifts in testosterone levels due to the sheer amount of trans fat. Go for grilled not fried.


10. A Low Fat ‘fad’ Diet

It’s not ‘fat’ that’s bad. It’s usually sugar and the type of fat we eat.

Healthy fats are essential to our diet, such as Monounsaturated fat, Polyunsaturated fat and omega fats. In fact, good fats such as omega-3 are essential to physical and overall health.

Cutting out fat all together will lower your testosterone levels because of the role healthy fats play in maintaining them. That’s why these fad low fat diets have to be mentioned in the list of foods that lower testosterone.



Keep an eye out for the 10 foods that lower testosterone, and you will see big improvements in your libido, muscle mass, strength gains and waist line. 



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