Instantly Get Stronger With Eccentric Training!

[column size=”one-third] frank-zane-abdominals[/column] [column size=”two-third” last=”true”]In this article we’re going to show you a unique trick to instantly improve any lift you currently do in the gym.

A key way to increase your strength on an exercise is to overload the eccentric part of the lift (when you lower the weight). In fact, it doesn’t take long to overload the nervous system completely and you can actually use it as a technique when you workout that makes you instantly lift more weight. [/column]



There’s actually some science behind it which you might recognise. Ever done a set of 10 on an exercise, increased the weight and then dropped back down to the weight you did 10 on? Suddenly that weight feels so much lighter because your body is used to that heavier weight and you might even do more than the initial 10 reps.

We can then apply that same principle more intelligently to make this effect much more dramatic:

Rather than having to do a whole set on a heavier weight, you can actually integrate the heavier negative by having a training partner push down on the weight during the eccentric phase, forcing you to resist more than usual.

You muscles are now dealing with a very interesting situation, a weight that weighs X on the way up, and now Y on the way down.

What happens is that when your training partner then stops pressing, the stronger you’ll be on the lifting phase of the exercise. By using 2 different weights during the same exercise, the second phase gets easier.  Why? This is due to the sheer potential energy that builds in your muscle as you stretch and compound it with excess weight on the downward movement, this energy gets stored and you release it as you begin to lift the weight, forcing that same energy into the contracting muscle fibers which are used to lift the second phase, which is now lighter and more easier to manage.

You should be able to get more reps out on a set you otherwise couldn’t with your newly found strength.


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