The biggest football player in America

Each year, football players push the boundaries of physical size and strength. There’s typically one offensive lineman who does this more extreme than all the rest and this guy has taken physicality to a new level.  More often than not, you’d expect these giants to be drafted from college, or have already made their way into the pros. This kid is still in high school!

Dondre Harris from Essex High School in Tappahannock, Virginia is now being dubbed “the biggest football player in the country”, standing at just over 7′ 0″ and weighing not far from 400lbs (he’s billed at 380lbs) I don’t think anyone is contesting it!

Dondre Harris - Biggest Football player

He is a senior and plays defensive tackle. He’s literally double the size of even the most well built 200lb high school player and the opposition have to commit two men just to stop him.

According to his coach he remarkably hasn’t drawn too much attention from recruiters, and while his athleticism might need some work, he’s still developing and once this catches up with him and the hard work is put in to the gym, he’ll be the one to watch for years to come.



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