The One Arm Barbell Press – A Unique Exercise For Shoulder Mass.

What is it?

The one arm barbell press is something you’ll rarely see in the gym. It’s done by holding a barbell with your palms facing you, and pressing the bar up in one powerful movement.


What are the benefits?

In a nut shell, you’ll get stronger, improve your technique and have greater balance, coordination and functional strength in the future. Here’s why:

Superior Muscle Recruitment.

You’re going to have to work hard on this lift just to keep the weight level and prevent it tipping. Shoulder pressing in such a way works the muscles harder and recruits more of the stabilizing muscles around the shoulder and upper back. More muscle recruitment means more strength and coordination in the long run.

Balance and Coordination.

This will take your balance and coordination to the next level. Muscle coordination will improve your functional strength and improve your ability to exert force on demand. You can’t ‘cheat’ on this exercise and it forces you to concentrate hard and be strict with the movement, something we’re not used to when doing the standard military press.

Superior Deltoid Development.

Most people shoulder press with a pronated grip; that is, with your palms facing away from you. Not only does this increase stress on the joints, but can cause impingement at the bottom of the lift. By shoulder pressing with a neutral grip; that is, palms facing towards each other, you can generally press more weight, while preventing rotator cuff injuries and can keep the muscles safe at the bottom of the lift. It also activates the front delts FURTHER than a traditional pronated press because of the way the hands are in front of the shoulder rather than at the side.

Core Stability.

You’ll have to work hard to make sure your body stays straight and rigid during this movement. Your whole body will be statically resisting force. This style of awkward loading improves overall core stability and muscle coordination, which translates into better execution throughout all your training.


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