Top 10 best high calorie bulking foods

Top 10 best high calorie bulking foods:

  1. Nuts and seeds
    Incredibly dense calories and high in protein. Just one cup of almonds for example, will give you over 800 calories.
  2. Full Milk
    Great for a slow release protein and for adding calories to shakes.
  3. Olive oil
    Loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats – just one tablespoon gives you over 130 calories too.
  4. Beef
    High in fat, high in protein. High in calories.
  5. Cheese
    High in fat, high in slow release protein. High in calories. Good for Bulking.
  6. Eggs
    High in protein, low in fat.
  7. Avocado
    High in the healthy monounsaturated fats, adding wholesome calories to your diet.
  8. Frozen Yogurt 
    The athletes icecream, frozen yogurt is a god send for those who want the experience of a cheat meal without getting diabetes. Full of good bacteria and packs a protein punch too.

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