Top 4 Ab Myths Exposed

Everybody wants great abs, but it’s hard to keep the midsection neat when the goal is to build muscle and get bigger.  Here’s the top 4 most common ab myths that might help you train smarter.

1. You can train abs everyday. 

False. Abs should be treated like every other muscle. Abs are susceptible to over training just like legs, back and chest are. Over training abs has a profound effect on all your workouts given their role as a core stabilizer and will only hinder your overall development.

2. Abs are trained effectively in other workouts.

True – to an extent. Abs are trained just as much as any other stabilizing muscle when performing compound movements. But we wouldn’t miss shoulder day just because their use to support the chest during a chest workout would we?

3. You can’t have abs if you want to gain on the scale weight.

False. Whilst gaining weight entails that you need to eat more calories than you expend, bulking ‘clean’ can help you to keep your abs all season, rather than having to constantly require cutting phases. Whilst it is a longer and more intricate process (it will involved counting the calories from macros in order to spread out proportionate calories) the benefits of a strict diet will pay off in the long run.

4. I need to train my abs harder to trim away fat. 

False. Diet is the single most important thing when it comes to keeping abs as defined as possible. Bodybuilders in the golden era had the best abs of all time, which was achieved through a strict diet rather than long cardio and harder ab workouts.


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